One comment on “The Desert, Crime and the Enneagram…

  1. Hi Pilgrim Traveller – I remember reading Desert Ascent many years ago and enjoying it – in those days Simon Parke was (possibly still is) a North Londoner and, I think, still a vicar.. I agree about Myers Briggs – although maybe some of my irritation is that often the personality cliches it encapsulates turn out to be a bit truer than I like!

    Prejudice is something I find that I like too much – in the sense that sometimes it’s way easier to spot other’s prejudices and shake my head, whilst I sit back feelings about the Catholic church…

    I had to look up enneagram as I had no idea what it was. Perhaps that illustrates another prejudice for me to address. When I’ve finished enjoying it, of course!

    Cheers x


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