2 comments on “Success…or faithfulness?

  1. I don’t know the source, but first heard the Mother Theresa attribution. Wherever it came from it seems to sum up the grace of God in action. In Christian ministry, “success” is open to a range of definitions. Sadly it seems to combine sales targets with numbers of people in pews or other features of “Macdonalised” society. In Christian ministry, “faithfulness” is defined by a relationship between the faithful servant and the faithful God, who himself came into the world as servant. At first glance people might well say Jesus was unsuccessful – look how few people were “for him” when he was executed. You’d always say he was faithful.

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  2. Good thoughts. Through my own Whitstable connections I knew the senders of that card all those years ago. Faithful people who sowed a seed, which happened to bear fruit big time. That ‘success’ depended on their obedience to the prompting of the Spirit but didn’t make them any more or less obedient (or any more or less loved by God). Everyone wants to be a Nehemiah, no-one wants to be a Jeremiah!

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