Born 1952, in Kent, England.  Eldest of four children.


  • Simon Langton Grammar School, Canterbury, Kent, England.
  • Sittingbourne College of Education, Sittingbourne, Kent, England.
  • The Partnership for Theological Education, Manchester, England


Has included:

  • Two years with Midland Bank (now HSBC).
  • Twelve years as a primary school teacher.
  • Three years as a youth worker and musician with Youth for Christ (including one year of secondment to the post of Mission Co-ordinator with The Message).
  • Eight years as a minister, firstly with Ivy Cottage Church, Manchester, then with Coverdale Baptist Church, Manchester.
  • Two years as part of the lay-leadership of ‘Grapevine’, in Rhyl, North Wales
  • Three years as a Civil Servant
  • Three years with The Telling Place storytelling charity (a partnership between Bible Society and Northumbria Community)
  • Currently self-employed as “Waymarks Consultancy”


My wife, Wendy, and my five children, Joel (and Kirsty, with children Malachi and Elijah), Brett, Katrina (and Jamie), Erin and Susannah.


Chinese and French food; the great outdoors; archaeology (particularly Prehistory and the Iron Age); Celtic history and art; Celtic Christian spirituality; philosophy, loyalty; creativity, the books of Robert Benson, Simon Parke and Tom Wright.


Legalism; tedious jobs; power freaks; disloyalty; cats (allergic!).

Best personal quality Loyalty.

Worst personal quality Lose interest in things very qui….!

Favourite animals Bearded collie; tiger.

Spiritual journey influenced by the Northumbria Community, the Rule of Benedict and contemporary Benedictine spirituality, the writings of Kenneth Leech, Carol Bonomo, Bill Hybels, Albert Holtz, Paula Huston,David Adam, Margaret Silf, Robert Benson and Charles Foster, to name a few.


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